Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Using Verb Tenses

For Monday, you are to write a short 3-paragraph paper. In this paper, you will use past, present, and future verb tenses as you describe different activities you are involved in.  I will be grading this for using the correct tense, adding good details, and making strong word choices. 
Next week we will make Vokis like the one on the right using this paper. Be ready!!


  1. Before Christmas, our family went to ski down slopes perilously at a lodge. We had basically a mini house, which had two floors. The first floor had a television, a table, and a sizzling stove. We went tubing the first day we were there. Unfortunately, it rained the second day. Luckily, we could ski the third day. Then we went home and celebrated Christmas.

    Currently I am practicing tennis. It is a lot of fun! We are working on converting to full court. It is harder, but worth it. I am getting a lot better at blasting it at full court.Also, I am reading a lot to. I am currently reading Left Behind #32: War of the Dragon. I am also reading Light by Corinne Burris. It is a lot of fun to read interesting books!

    Later on in the school year, we will go to Nature's Classroom. It will be a lot of fun to sprint to Rock climbing and roast marshmallows ! I am also looking forward to reading Left Behind book numbers 33-40. I bet the books will be great! I am also looking forward to reading Corinne Burris's next book!

  2. During Christmas break I went to North Carolina and sadly, got the flu. Once I recovered from that I helped dad cut down a tree. When we left on Monday we stopped to eat a Mc Donald's and then back on the road. Finally once we got home I started work on REALLY big Lego set witch is almost done by now. Then I started playing Xbox.

    I am really having a good time at school. So far we have done Math Science Social
    Studies and Language Arts. I will have a lot of time to some stuff at home. I am reading a book now that is called Bluestars Promise. I am looking at the clock thinking 5 more mins. till lunch time!

    During spring break I am hoping we will go to Disney World. I have gone once but my sister Carrigan has not. If we do go to Disney World I will ride Tower of Terror.
    Then I will ride Space Mountain. Once we come home I will play Xbox like crazy!

  3. Before Christmas, I had a AAU basketball tournament. We won the whole tournament and went on to be champions. On Christmas morning, my family woke up, and we opened our presents in pajamas. We ate banana nut bread and ice cream.

    Right now, I am playing AAU basketball. We have won a couple of tournaments. I play for Enplay Elite, and we are red and black. I play starting point gaurd,and my number is number 23. We practice Monday,Wednesday, and Friday.

    Coming up, I will have a tournament in St.Louis and Memphis. At school, we will have natures classroom and a couple of field trips coming up. I will go to a basketball camp in the summer. Last but not least, I can't wait to go to 6th grade.

  4. For Christmas I went to Crossville, TN to see my moms side of the family. I saw my me maw, papaw, nana, and other papaw, my two aunts Shana and Lindsey and my five girl cousins Tavanah, marlin, Kelsi, Lydia, and Lillian. We ate and got presents. It was very fun seeing them because I have not seen them in a long time.

    Today I am going to Girl Scouts. All my friends from my old school are there Gracie, Georgia, Kayla, Abigail, Mimi, and a few more I'm less close to. We either do it at Georgia's house because her mom is the troop leader ,or we have it at a church in franklin. We are currently selling cookies so if you want some please come see me.

    This summer i will be going to space camp in Alabama. It is a over night camp. They have a non gravity room. They will also show us how to work a space ship and how all the buttons work. I am looking forward to that and can't wait.

  5. During the Christmas break me and my family did many things. One day I went ice skating with my sister. She got off of the ice early because she did not like ice skating, and I had to skate by myself, but it was still fun. When we decorated the Christmas tree, my mom and dad put on the lights and I put on most of the ornaments with some help from my parents. Almost all of my family was at home for Christmas. Except for my grandparents who usually are at our house for Christmas. They went to my cousin's house for Christmas this year. So, my mom, dad, sisters, and my future brother in law went bowling, on my first try,of a new game, I got a strike! In Girl Scouts, we made cookies. We got to eat a few, then we packed the rest of them in little bags and drove to a nursing home. We sang Christmas songs for the people at the nursing home, talked to them, and gave them the cookies we made. They enjoyed it. My Christmas break was very fun.
    I am currently practicing ice skating. I take lessons every Saturday. Ice skating is very fun. I was just recently in the second level class, and now I am in the third level class. The people that are in my class are all very nice and helpful. The skating teachers are especially helpful and very kind. Some of the people in my class are very young, but they are still very good at skating. There are different kinds of ways to skate that we practice. We practice turning around in place on our skates without falling which is actually sort of hard! I have also just recently learned how to skate backwards! We also practice skating, the picking up one foot to our ankle, we do that skating forward and backwards. When I go to my lessons, they give us our lessons, then we get thirty minutes to practice doing what they just taught us by ourselves. I take the lessons at an ice skating rink in side of a sports complex called A game in Cool skating is very fun.
    Every year me and my family go to California for some of the summer break. We do plenty of things. We go to see my sister, justice, in Los Angeles. This year, will probably be the same as almost every year. We plan to arrive in California, and probably get a hamburger at our family's favorite burger place that they do not have in Tennessee. We will see my sister for the first time in months and sleep inner house the first night because we usually don't have a hotel yet. I get to see some of my friends that live in California that I have also not seen in months! We go to a baseball game were my family's favorite baseball team plays, the dodgers. Also, we see my family that lives in other parts of California! Such as my great aunt and my great uncle, and other family members. I also go to Disneyland, and on our way back to our hotel from Disneyland, we will stop at my grandmothers house for a visit. California is a very fun,and sunny place that my family goes to each year. This year we also plan to go see my other sister, brittani,who just recently moved to Texas, for a new job. We have not made any further plans, but we do know that we will see my sister brittani over the summer break.

  6. This winter I went to my God Fathers farm it was very fun! It was very muddy there,and there was lots of cows we all got to throw bread to them the dogs got some of it. There was a donkey to,I got to pet it with out it running away he's very shy,there was also to horses. After that we went on a hike it was about two miles after we went back down we got on the back of a truck and rode back to the gate on the way a bull chased us. The farm is fun!

    Right now I am working on a story of my own on my dads computer. It's about three friends on a adventure trying to save the world, I work on it when I have time. I usually write after school,homework and practicing piano. It's very fun wighting a story.

    Coming up this spring or summer me and my family are going to Florida we usually go to destin. I love driving the golf cart and going to go cart ridding its very fun. I like going to the beach we go to a beach club. It's very fun I love the beach.

  7. This past Christmas was such a delight. I had a carefully planned Christmas, and a busy one too. We had many Christmases this year because my family is scattered around the globe. My moms sister, Amy, came in town with her husband, my cousins, and my grandfather. They spent the night at our house on Christmas Eve, along with my other aunt, Emily. My cousins are 5 and 2 years old. They are both surprisingly obsessed with playing with Legos and my stereo, so that was about all we did. We went to go see a house that we see every year. This house isn't a normal house though. It has the most beautiful lights you could ever imagine! They are gorgeous. Every year, dozens of people come to that house just to see the lights. It was amazing, and a great year!

    Now, I am doing gymnastics, if you consider that a sport. I was also involved in cheerleading and horse back riding, but my main focus for now is gymnastics. I take it with Addie and other girls that are surprisingly younger than us. I take it at the Harpeth school of gymnastics. They are very challenging, but it teaches me a lot! I have learned to use my strength wisely and take gymnastics seriously. Our coaches name is coach Jake. He is a kind and sometimes strict coach. He is an easy person to trust during spotting, and he takes his job very seriously. We do many jumps and flips including: back tucks, back handsprings, front flips off the wall, the splits, Ariel's, back bends, and much more!

    My best friend, Sydney, is 12 years old. She and I plan to have a neighborhood play, including some of the kids on our street. She and I are write more of it each day after school. We plan to have it over spring break, or sometime in the summer. We plan for it to be a real play with many characters, parts, props, settings, audiences, and applause. We are also thinking about doing the play to raise money for the homeless, shelters, rescue centers, and more! We hope to raise enough money to donate to all of the shelters I mentioned. We will only hope. I plan to have a great future!

  8. This past Christmas I went to my grandparent's house on Christmas Eve. They are my Dad's parents. I saw my aunt Amber and my other aunt Augusta. I saw her husband Kevin also. We spent Christmas Eve there. Then on Christmas morning we opened our gifts. When we were done, we went to my mom's parents house and opened gifts there. I saw my uncle Wez, my uncle Ethan, and my aunt Rachel. We all had a really good time.

    Now I am a Boy Scout in troop 1. It is really fun there. We play games and work on stuff to get ranks and badges. I also fly remote control airplanes and helicopters. I am learning how to fly new ones and how to charge the batteries. They are really fun to fly. They can be pretty hard to fly though. I am also trying to teach my grandfather because he says he would like to try to fly them also.

    For spring break we are going to Florida. To our cottage on lake Louisa. Me and my uncle Frankie go fishing a lot. And we go on hikes in the woods. And do other stuff.and we will have a good time.

  9. This past Christmas was amazing, my cousins from North Carolina came in town, we spent the night every time we got the chance. I also went and saw two movies The Hobbit, and Catching Fire, I got all the presents I wanted, I got Madden 25, a basketball goal, and even a giant Mac computer. Overall I had an amazing Christmas!

    Right now I am playing basketball, a lot of my friends in my grade are playing, we are called the Lipscomb Academy Colts, every Saturday we play a basketball game usually at Brentwood Academy, and it is really fun!

    In spring break I will go to Gatlenberg, I here it is really fun! We will go to Dollywood which has so many rides, I can't wait to go, we will get to stay in a cabin in the mountains, we will have a camp fire, and it's just going to be fun!

  10. When I celebrated Christmas I did a lot of things. I went to the the Titans Game with my brothers Austin, Landry, and Reese. I also played a lot of football outside with my family too. After, the time we played football my mom would give us hot chocolate, It was so delicious. Those are some of the activities that i did during Christmas.

    Right now I am involved in a basketball league with some of my friends. Reed, Eli, Tate, Alex, Cole, Caleb, and a lot of other people. I am one of the wings for our basketball team. I am having a lot of fun playing basketball with all of my friends. I think we are doing very well.

    Next month I will he going to Abilene, Texas to see my niece and all my brothers. Then, after that while we are still in Abilene I will go to my brothers college for our yearly Sing Song that they do at ACU. Sing Song is where every club boy or girl choose a theme and then they have to sing a song about that theme. I think Sing Song will be very fun. I can't wait to go to Abilene to see my mice and brothers. It will be awesome.

  11. My Christmas Break was great! I had so much fun, I had a lot of things to entertain me. First I watch all of the Christmas movies in the house and then I put up Christmas decorations while we watched the movies. Then like probably everybody I slept in. And that was the start of Christmas break.

    Now let's get to Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve was awesome, every Christmas Eve I will go to my grandad and Oma's house where I see them and my two uncles. So, for Christmas Eve presents I got great gifts. And I got home at 11:30 and as you know that is 30 min. until Christmas so I went right to sleep. So on Christmas Day I got everything I wanted.

    Now New Years I had a great time! I am having a go 2014 so far and I see a great 2014 in the future! My sister had a birthday! And a great one too. Happy New year!

  12. For Christmas break my family went up to Summerville, Georgia for Christmas. We went straight to my grandparents house to open presents. After present we all drove out to a restaurant called The Tavern for the Wilson family reunion. It was so much fun to see my family again. We ate dinner and took a lot of pictures. It was really fun!! The next day was Christmas Eve. We ate dinner at my uncle's house with a couple people from the Wilson family. After dinner my family drove home for Christmas. We made cookies and watched the movie "Hoe the Grinch Stole Christmas". The next day we opened our Christmas gifts and FaceTime our cousins. Later on Christmas we went to my other grandparents house to open gifts and eat dinner there. It was also a lot of fun. Christmas was so much fun!

    My family is playing a lot of sports right now. I am doing softball and gymnastics. My brother is doing baseball and basketball. We have a basketball game on Saturdays and softball and baseball practice on Mondays. We are not playing games in either softball or baseball. I do gymnastics at Let It Shine Gymnastics on Thursdays. We are very busy with sports all week. On Sundays we have fellowship group with some people from our church. Fellowship group is where one Sunday a month you eat lunch at someone's house with your group. It is really fun. This is what my week is like.

    For spring break my family is going to Atlantis, a water park in Nassau, Bahamas. It has a lot of fun water slides. You can go snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins. There is also a kids club called AKA (Atlantis kids adventure). Me and my brother will go to AKA while my parents go to eat. There is a bunch of great restaurants and stores to shop and eat at. It is one of my favorite places. I can't wait to go back this spring break!

  13. This past Christmas, I stayed at home resting in bed. After we read our Bible, we started to open presents. I got lots of cool things. After we opened presents, we started to clean. Then, after we cleaned my mom went to the store to get Christmas dinner while my brothers and me started to play with our presents. We had a great time!

    Every Saturday my basketball team has game. Most of the time we lose but we have won a couple games. It is hard to beat other teams because we only have three plays that we know. On game day my team splits into two teams: Team Gold and Team Purple. I am on Team Purple. I like it on Team Purple.

    Later in the year, after school gets out my family is going to take a trip to Texas. When we go to Texas we are going to visit family in Abilene. I have five annoying cousins. We usually go to some arcade/pizza place most of the time. We also watch lots of movies. I can't wait to go to Texas!

  14. What's going on in my life
    Over Christmas Break, I saw the most amazing dancing light show at Jellystone Park! The lights moved with a station that was playing! I also shot with my tall, sleek, smooth, new longbow. I loved hitting the hard, small target!

    As you gathered from my first paragraph, I enjoy archery. I'm also in a after-school book club. Anything could happen in the library! I'm also reading selections from Erin Hunter, an extremely skilled author!

    I'm lWhat's going on in my life
    Over Christmas Break, I saw the most amazing dancing light show at Jellystone Park! The lights moved with a station that was playing! I also shot with my tall, sleek, smooth, new longbow. I loved hitting the hard, small target!

    As you gathered from my first paragraph, I enjoy archery. I'm also in a after-school book club. Anything could happen in the library! I'm also reading selections from Erin Hunter, an extremely skilled author!

    I'm looking forward to Nature's Classroom, which is a fifth-grade tradition! I will roast tender, sugary, fluffy marshmallows. I'll dive in crystal-clear blue water, or just go for a walk in the forest. I'm also looking forward to a new Erin Hunter book, Leafpool's Wish.ooking forward to Nature's Classroom, which is a fifth-grade tradition! I will roast tender, sugary, fluffy marshmallows. I'll dive in crystal-clear blue water, or just go for a walk in the forest. I'm also looking forward to a new Erin Hunter book, Leafpool's Wish.

  15. Hello, for your entertainment I present Christmas 2013 A.D.-----Summer 2014 A.D. On Christmas Day I saw four living humans. My mother, my father, and some friends. I went to a field area in franklin. I opened presents, exercised, read, and ate meals.

    Currently I am involved in chorus, a couple involved include Evan, And Levi.
    We go to places across Lipscomb as far as I know. We sing.

    Currently plans for trips are in all likely hood Going to the state of Kansas to visit family. Other plans are in withheld.

  16. This past Christmas break was very fun. I had many sleepovers with friends and lots of family staying at my house. On Christmas morning, we woke up and opened our stockings first. There was a ping pong ball in mine and then I noticed a trail of ping pong balls leading down the hallway and into the study. I followed the trail of balls into the study and found my new ping pong table. After we opened all the presents, we set up the ping pong table and played for an hour. Then, we went to Mimi's house to spend Christmas with them and we played games together all day and night. The next day, Uncle Brian, Amy, Crue, Mimi, and Poppy came and stayed at my house till the last day of December. I had a great time playing chase with Crue. Me and Uncle Brian played ping pong almost every day. While they were here, we went to the Dancing Lights of Christmas at Jellystone Park. It was wonderful.There were flashing candy canes, dancing snowflakes, and huge light tunnels. We also went to the Predators game. It was awesome! When we got home, Mimi and Poppy had waited up for us and we told them all about the game. The next day everyone left to go home.
    Right now my main sport is tennis. I take tennis at Wildwood and enjoy learning many new hits. I just got bumped up to the next class. Now I have lessons on Tuesday and Thursday instead of Monday and Wednesday. It is hard because everyone is better than me. I am also having fun because it is my sport and we play more tennis. I also take private lessons with Coach Kadhim on Saturday. He is teaching me all the good hits so I can play competitively. He is improving my serve, forehand, backhand, overhead, volleys, and slice. Besides tennis, the rest of my free time is spent with our animals. We have three horses named Little Rock, Razor, and Honey; eight normal chickens named Ebony, Trust, Crown, Fluffy, Gills, Rain, Mary, and Sparrow; three silky chickens named Frizzle, Snow Angel, and Storm Breaker; and one border collie named Daisy. I enjoy spending time with all of them. Daisy is the most fun. She loves to swim in the creek and play soccer. The chickens are very fun too. They fly up onto you, let you rub them, and eat out of your hand.
    This summer my family is planning to go out west for two weeks. We will fly to Las Vegas, Nevada and hop on a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon to see it's magnitude from above. The next day, we will rent a car and drive to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We hope to raft down the Colorado River and see all the magnificent sights from below. We would also enjoy going on a mule ride to see how the early settlers traveled though the canyon. If the raft or mule ride does not work out, we may take the shuttle bus to Hermits Rest and hike the Rim Trail the eight miles back to the village. We would get a great view and lots of exercise. We would stay in this area for three to four days then we would fly to Los Angeles, California. Once we got there, we would go to the beach and drive to Anaheim and go to Disney Land. We would stay in this area for about four days. Then we would like to drive to the Sequoia National Park to see the giant sequoia trees. The largest tree in the world, General Sherman, is located in this park. General Sherman is 275 feet tall and is estimated to be about 2,500 years old. We would also like to take a tour of Crystal Cave. We will also visit Moro Rock, where we can look over most of the park. This will end our vacation and we will head back home.

  17. On December 23rd, I visited the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville. There, I saw a performance of the great Russian ballet, Щелкунчик, performed by the Moscow Ballet with choreography by Stanislav Vlasov.

    As of I right now, I am watching videos of other performances of Щелкунчик. I am also studying the English language. The most commonly used word in the English language is, "the." The longest word in the English language is the chemical name for titin. It features approximately 189,000 letters and takes three hours to pronounce.

    My family is planning to visit the beach over spring break. We will explore the ocean on the coast of either Cocoa or Destin, Florida, or Mobile, Alabama. We are planning to stay in a condominium on this trip.

  18. For Christmas break I first went to Mississippi to hunt ducks. We didn't shoot very many but I killed two. I killed a Drake Teal and a Susie, or a Hen Mallard. Then, when we got back, we had a Christmas Eve brunch at my grandparents house. There was good food and everyone enjoyed themselves greatly. Later that night, my family and I had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. We had juicy ham, delicious sausage balls, vegetables, and for desert we had creamy homemade Oreo truffles that melted in our mouths, and sweet chocolate covered strawberries. A tradition I made up unintentionally, is every Christmas Eve I don't sleep at all. I become very tired and have the least bit excitement about all the presents, but yet I just cannot sleep at all. I usually don't even dose for an hour or so, but some years I figure out how to do it. The only problem about falling asleep is that fact I rarely go back to sleep. The next morning, after the night was finally over, my sister woke my parents up from their long winter's nap. All of us children each had our own stack of presents, each with its own cartooned wrapping paper. First, when my parents finally came into the room, we all took down own beautiful handmade stockings made by our wonderful mother, off the mantle we took them to our own stack, and began unloading each one. We all pulled out wonderful gifts from each of our stockings. Next, were the presents, one at a time each of us opened our presents. We tore off the wrapping paper, like it was absolutely worthless, which it was. We were overjoyed to see what Saint Nick had brought us. We played with our gifts until the rest of our family arrived. We had great fun talking, laughing, and playing with each other. We had a great abundance of good food as we sat around the dinner table when it came time to eat. When it was finally over, we all said our good-byes with a great deal of hugs and kisses. Night had fallen, and Christmas Day was over, but Christmas night was just dawning.

    About the first thing I did after the green Christmas was go to the BBVA Bowl to watch Vanderbilt play Houston. Vanderbilt played amazing offense and defense the first half. But when they came back on the field for the third quarter, their whole team fell apart. It's like they hadn't played football, ever. In the forth quarter they came back and won the bowl game. The players on the sideline successfully drenched Head Coach Franklin. We were all very excited, until other colleges like Penn State were trying to recruit him. Weeks, maybe ever a couple of months after it all started, it finally ended. James Franklin has signed a contact for Penn State. First Vanderbilt lost really good players, now their record breaking Head Coach. We are now having to search for more players, and another coach.

    Spring Break my family and I are going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The two times we have been there before we all, as a family, had a marvelous time. I'm sure this time it'll have the same anoint of joy, laughter, and great fun. I'm looking forward to Splash Mountain and Expedition Everest. I'm positive my sisters are not going to ever have the idea of going on a roller coaster. We're going to have different dinners different nights. Then, once we get back home, my dad and I are flying to New Orleans, Louisiana, to get a male chocolate lab puppy. The two names we have in debate are Drake and Duke. I can't wait to have a dog around the house again. I'm sure we'll all have a wonderful Spring Break.

  19. On Christmas break I had a lot of fun! I went to see River she is my sister Fran's horse. My mom, a Grace, Fran and I all went to were we are keeping River. I also got a lot of gift cards from my family for Christmas and I got a lot of things I am very thankful for. Fran and I went sledding to because we get a lot of snow and ice were we live. I really enjoyed Christmas break!

    I have been involved in horseback riding for at least 5 months now. It is so much fun! Fran is riding horses with me too and so is Grace my oldest sister! We all really enjoy it. I ride at the Triune Pony Club. Keota is the name of the horse I ride is is a big Quarter Horse. Fran has her own horse but also ride a white pony named Tucker. Grace rides a big Appaloosa breed and his name is Winchester. I haven't ridden in a while though because it has been pretty muddy and cold, but when it gets warmer I will start again.

    My birthday is in about 2 weeks and I'm planning on just riding horses with my sisters, because that is just what I love to do. I am also planning on maybe having like 2 friends over but I haven't decided yet. I am definitely go ing to have almond flavored icing on vanilla cupcakes it is my absolute favorite! I think it is to die for! So that is what I'm planning for my birth day!

  20. I had a wonderful Christmas break, probably my favorite part was when my parents let me open one present on Christmas Eve. This year I got a Marathon photo that was awesome. On Christmas morning we got up at six o'clock in the morning and opened our presents. Then we started cooking Christmas lunch for my whole family, all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins from my Mom's side of the family came over. My aunt and uncle brought my grandma too; it was so much fun! For lunch we had ham, turkey, dressing, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and green beans, it was delicious. Then my cousins helped me organize my rainbow loom box that I got. After that I made some bracelets. Then they all went home except my grandma, because we were going to take her home. The next day we drove to my other grandma's house in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It was a really long drive. When we got there my grandma had made some taco soup for dinner, it was delicious, after dinner we played Hearts. The next morning we got up and had a great breakfast, then my mom and grandma wrapped my Christmas presents. Then we all opened our presents. After that we went to Miller Mud Pottery place and bought some really cool pottery, then we went home and we had dinner, then played cards. It was really fun. The next day we went antique shopping. After we went home, we started cooking dinner. For my aunt, uncle, and cousins from my dad's side. For dinner we had spaghetti and salad, it was good. Then we all went in the living room and opened our Christmas presents. After they all went home, we went to bed. The next day we went shopping in Little Rock at the mall with my aunt. The mall was really big. Then we went to Cheddar's for dinner, it was ok. Next we took my aunt home and we went home. The next day we came home and on the way home we stopped at some little gift stores in the little towns. It was really fun. When we got back to Nashville we picked up our cats from the kennel and then we went home. It was one of the best Christmas breaks ever!

    Right now I am involved in gymnastics. When I was little I hated it, but now it is one of my favorite things to do. Katherine and I do it together on Thursdays at 6:45 at Let It Shine Gymnastics, in Cool Springs.We get to practice our gymnastics skills, on the bars, floor, beam,and my personal favorite trampoline. I also take piano lessons on Wednesdays at four o’clock at the elementary school with Ms. Collins. I take my piano books to every lesson and she gives me some from my lesson and performance books, and then I get to pick one fun song out of my fun book to practice, and at Christmas time I get to play Christmas carols. It is really fun!

    We have a lot of trips planned that we would like to go on. The one I really really want to go on is going to my Mom's cousins Dorothy Lee and John's farm. They have lots of crops, some animals, a creek to play in, and mountains to hike. Their farm is surrounded by the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. I have never been but it sounds like so much fun. We hope to go this summer sometime, so we can go hiking, pick some fruits and vegetables, play in the creek, and play with the animals! It will be so much fun!

  21. This past year, my family had our first Christmas in Tennessee, and hosted some of our friends and family at our house. My grandparents flew in from Texas to see us first, and we had an awesome Christmas with them. Then, after they left, our friends that used to live across the street from my family when we lived in Austin, Texas came to visit us. They have two kids that are ten and six. We had a blast on New Year's Eve. We bought a whole bunch of fire works and sparklers. When we shot them up, it looked so cool. Then, my dad and I built a fire, and everyone got to roast marshmallows.
    Right now, I'm not doing any sports this winter, but I'm reading a lot of books such as "Grace, Gold, & Glory" and "Lightning Thief." They are both great books that I recommend you read. I am also taking violin. Before winter break, I had a recital. I really like playing the violin, I have been taking lessons since I was four years old. I play two kinds of music classical and country, and a few of the songs I play on the violin are ones I have written.
    This week, my family is going to Disney World, because my mom has business conferences there that week. This is my first time, so I am really excited. We get to go for four days, and while we are there, we get to go swimming. Also, this summer, I get to go back to Texas and visit family and friends. Plus, I go to a camp for a month every year in Hunt, Texas, so I am very excited for that too.

  22. I celebrated Christmas at home with my family this year. My two favorite presents were a banjo and a gaming chair. My grandpa was there at 7:00 and then his fiance came at 12:00. They stayed until about 3:30. After Christmas, I went to Gatlinburg, TN and Cherokee, North Carolina . In Cherokee, I rode a mechanical bull and went to a Cherokee Indian Museum. Next, we went to the city of Gatlinburg and did not turn around so we went to Pigeon Forge, TN. In Pigeon Forge, we rode go-karts, ate at 5 Guys and then we went back to our campsite. When we pulled in, my mom arrived and we watched Andy Griffith until 1:00 in the morning. The next day, we went to Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge; it was like a indoors amusement park. We played a lot of games including laser tag. We came home the next day and stayed at home until school started.

    I really don't have anything going on besides school. I do have baseball try-outs for my baseball team in Crieve Hall. Michael Vance is on my baseball team for the Spring.

    In January, my scout troop is going skiing. On Spring break, I am going skiing in Montana and we are also going snowmobiling to near West Yellowstone. And then we are coming back to Tennessee.

    1. My Christmas break was a lot of fun! Every year we make Christmas cookies shaped like snow flakes and Christmas trees. And we decorated them with lots of sprinkles! They tasted so good in the end. We even gave them to Santa Clause.

      Right now I do tumbling lessons, It's so much fun! I can just now land my front handspring. All the instructors are very nice and helpful! It's so much fun to learn brand new tricks. Presently I am working on my back walk over .

      This summer I am going to Florida! I am originally from Florida so I have a lot of family living there. I love the beach a lot because it is so much fun! I also love Florida because it is so warm and I do not like cold weather. I am very exited about our annual trip!

  23. Christmas Break I went to my grandparents house with my cousins. We had a lot of fun together. When we opened gifts, I got an xbox 360, and so did my cousin. We also went to my other grandparents house. I got a navy hat like my cousins, and I pretended that I worked for the navy. Soon, we had to go to my great grandparents house. My cousins and I knew that we would get a nerf gun there, and we did. We played capture the flag. If you got hit, then you would be out. One of my cousins was on one side with my uncle, and I got my other cousin. I was the one who sprinted down to the other side to take the flag, but my uncle got me every time.

    I take music lessons and I learned how to play We Three Kings. I am going to play another song next time I go, but I will still play We Three Kings. I have to practice about 15 minutes a day. I like playing the piano. I also do Latin. Latin is fun because, my friend does it with me. Now we are working on chants and vocabulary. I like translating them, and parsing them.

    This summer I will plant a garden with my dad. First my dad needs to buy some land for it. Our garden is going to be tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables. I will see my cousins again on summer break. We usually play video game the whole time. We might go on the Disney cruise but I do not know that yet. We will go somewhere, but I do not know where.

  24. last christmas was wonderfully exciting. I got to go to my cusins house and eat and watch movies, after that we opened some of our presents. it was my favorite part of my christmas. Then we stayed up late and watched more movies and ate popcorn. I woke up the next morning opened the rest of our presents. After that we played with our presents the rest of the day. That was my christmas break.

    today I'm learning about ecosystems in science it is cool. In math we are learning about geometry it is not hard put it is a little bit fun. when i get home i will do my homework and then have free time to play video games. that is what i think sbout today.

    I will go to my friends house soon we plan to stay up ll night. while we stay up we will play video games it will be fun. when i get there we will go eat Mexican which i think is delicious. then we will watch movies and tv.

  25. Christmas Eve my family went to see the contest winners for the Christmas lights contest. There were more than just lights, one contestant had there own radio station! One contestant had nut crackers seven feet tall! Then we went home and read the night before Christmas and went to bed. When I woke up I saw tons and tons of presents! I was really happy when I got what I wanted.

    During January I am doing Boy Scouts I am trying to earn the tender foot rank.
    I am also working on being a puppeteer. I go to Lipscomb Academy in 5th grade.
    In Mrs. Burris class.
    I am a competitive swimmer at the Nashville Aquatic Club. I don't know how I have time for all that, but I do.

    Next week I'm going on a Boy Scout camp out. I will be shooting clay pigeons with a shot gun and som rifles. I have only shot bee bee gun so I'm pretty nervous. I am also pitching a tent. We're think it's going to be cold, it might rain so I need to put the rain fly on. This is the first cap out I have ever done so I need to do it right.

  26. On Christmas break, I saw my family and friends. My grandparents came to my house for Christmas. My grandma made a lot of good foods, so did my parents. I also went to my friends house, for a visit, and a New Years Eve party. Once they came to my house and we played a few video games.

    In P.E., my gym classmates and I play volleyball. We haven't played a real game yet, but I think it's going to be fun. After chapel, I go to the gym with my gym classmates. So far we have done a few drills for the game with and without partners. Mrs. Marret thought us how to play and is a really good coach.

    Ever since the summer of fourth grade, I've been going to Church Camp. They have sections for boy's cabins and girl's cabins. They have two pool tables, three foosball tables, an air hockey table, tiny basketball goal, two ping pong tables, one basketball court, a pool, and a soccer field. Last time I went, I decided to get baptized. It's in Western Kentucky near my grandparents. You get put on a team when you get there and all of the teams chose a name that goes with their color, then you play in challenges against the other teams.


  27. Over Christmas break, I did lots of fun stuff. On Christmas morning, I leaped with joy down the stairs. Right when I opened my eyes, I found that I had got exactly what I had wanted! Yay!!! I got a Mongoose mountain bike, tons and tons of socks, and a brand new coat! Lots of socks is what I wanted, or that would just be weird! About the coat, I always wear coats! Later through the break, I went to my friend Clara's house. We didn't know what to do. We were really bored, so we started to play BOARD GAMES!!! Her mom said, "Girls, in about three hours we are going to the skating rink." We were excited because we had nothing to do. When we got there, we skated. Three hours later, we left. My break turned out to be really, really, really, fun!!!��

    Right now I am taking gymnastics with Alexi. We go to Harpeth Gymnastics every Thursday night. The main things we are learning are round off back-handsprings and standing back-handsprings. Some of the girls in our class can do that already plus some other stuff. Our coach, Jake, is helping us with what we need to know. We both enjoy it very much!��

    Over spring break I will go to the beach. When we get there, my family and I will unpack. Then, we will go to the beach. After that, we will defiantly go to Great Southern, which is a great restaurant! We will basically do those things every day, besides unpack. When we are at the beach, I will build drizzle-castles on my legs. It will be really hard to get up because I will have wet sand packed on to me. Every time I go to the beach, I build a mermaid tail out of sand, shells, and my legs with my cousin. It will be sort of like a tradition. I hope I will have a wonderful time!!!��

  28. Before Christmas I got an early Christmas present. It was a basketball goal it was so cool! I got to help put it together. That night, I had a Christmas party with my step family. I saw my step sisters Kandace, Laura, and Amber. I also go to spend time with my 4 year old nephew and 1 year old niece. I got to see my step aunt and step uncle Dannie and Toyia. The day before Christmas, I went to my grandparents' house and got a Life Proofcase for my iPhone. Also when we were on Winter Break I went to Florida and it was freezing. Some people did the Polar bear plunge. In case you are wondering what that is, it's were you pay to go jump in the ocean when it's 20 degrees outside . While in Florida, my brother Max, sister Maddie, and I played some bad mitten and Max won every game.

    I'm playing on a basketball team right now. I play with people who go to Lipscomb and our team is the Colts. We practice about every week and have games on Saturdays. My team warms up by stretching and also if you talk while the coach is talking you have to run laps. Our drills are doing lay ups and shooting jump shots. Are record is 3 wins and 5 losses.

    Our future trip is going to Pensacola Beach, Fla. this summer. While we are there we will go Sailing and go Go-Carting and also will go on a boat with our Uncle John.

  29. On Christmas Break I saw my grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousins, my dad and my mom. I went to Knoxville, Antioch, Brentwood and Cookeville. All the stuff I did was open presents, go sledding and build my Lego that was one of the hard ones for ages 11-16 and it took me only 2 days.

    On Christmas Day I found out that I am going to Las Vegas and Honolulu, Hawaii.
    I am involved in sports like football, baseball, and maybe do traveling soccer. Traveling soccer is when you go to Georgia and play in a very big Tournament.

    For Spring Break we are going to Las Vegas, Nevada and Honolulu, Oahu. When we get to Hawaii we are going snorkeling and maybe scuba diving and my dad rented a person to take us on a ride in a Jeep around the island.

  30. This is due by Mon.
    January 13,2014

    Last year for Christmas I got a xbox one, 2 mountain bikes, 4 jackets and a pair of noise making drum sticks. My sister played with them all day and it got so annoying so I finally told her to stop and she did. I also got a really soft blanket that is orange, Go Vols.

    This year I am starting baseball again. I have already gone to 1 practice this year. Today I had book club it's pretty cool you get to eat lunch while you get your OR done. Also today I got to go to P.E. Today was fun for a lot of reasons.

    I know that summer will be fun because I always get to go to the beach for two weeks. I know that I will play on my Xbox a lot. I know that summer will be fun because I know that I will sit and watch TV a lot. I know that summer will be fun because I get to spend time with my family.

  31. On Christmas Eve I went to my grandparents house first. Then I went to my aunts house for dinner and to open presents. First, we ate dinner and dessert.
    Then we opened presents. I got a Rainbow Loom,Amazon gift card,clothes, and bath stuff. then we played with our toys until it was time to go back home
    for Santa to come.

    On Christmas Day, I woke up first ( as usual ) and woke up my brother. We went into the living room was these big dorm chairs and a doll for me and a stuffed animal for my brother.We were soo happy that we got what we wanted. Then my parents woke up and we ate breakfast. We had cinnamon rolls and sausage balls that my mom made the night before. They were really good. Then we opened our stockings and our gifts. I got a lot of clothes and other fun stuff.

    For Spring Break, I will go to Disney World. I can not wait to ride all the rides and eat all the yummy food there too. Then while I am down there, I want to ride the new Snow White ride there too. I will go to the water parks also. But I want everyone else to have a great Spring Break.