Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Direct objects

For your comment, write three Pattern 2 sentences. Remember that Pattern 2 sentences have a direct object. Also, be sure you use correct punctuation and capitalization. List your sentences and number them, like this:





  1. 1. The dog bit into his large bone.

    2. Dylan threw his Nike football

    3. The log sank in the deep and dark ocean.

  2. 1. The bunny took my cherries!

    2. The buffalo raced the chipmunk.

    3. the mail man delivered the mail.

  3. 1.The storm made the boat sink.

    2.We decorated the tree very nicely.

    3.The magician did cool tricks.

    1. 1. My mom baked a pie for Thanksgiving dinner.

      2. The punter kicked the ball into the field goal!

      3. Santa put a pile of toys in my stockings!

  4. 1. My mother and father threw the football with me.

    2. I was so happy when my grandparents made my favorite pie.

    3. This christmas we decorated the christmas tree with popcorn and lights.

  5. 1. The diver speared the lion fish with an ELF (eliminate lion fish) spear during the lion fish rodeo.

    2. The chef prepared the hog with an apple in its mouth.

    3. I ate a cricket head that I cooked myself while camping.


  6. 1. Two weeks before Chrismas we stung light on our house.
    2. On Christmas Eve I always open one present. 3. My family always has fun wraping present.

  7. 1.I threw the ball to my dog this morning.

    2.My family hung the ornaments on the tree last night.

    3.On Christmas I always eat a good breakfast.

  8. 1. We built a snowman yesterday in the snow!

    2. Last night we put up our Christmas tree and decorated it with colorfull ortaments .

    3. When will we go to the store and buy some candy canes?

  9. 1.We built a giant snowman outside in the snow.

    2.My family built a fire in our fireplace.

    3.My dad wrestled me trying to get the last cookie.

  10. Jackson N. #16 Burris HomeroomDecember 7, 2012 at 5:42 AM

    1. Today, my mother baked a hot cherry pie for my brother and me.

    2. The reindeer ate a bright red apple with an orange for breakfast.

    3. I ran to my friend's house with my backpack.

    1. Jackson N. #16 Burris HomeroomDecember 10, 2012 at 5:53 AM

      3. I ran faster than my friend at basketball practice.

  11. 1. Today, my dad was wrestling me.

    2. The dog bit the man for no reason?

    3. My friend ran to my house like a lion.

    1. 1. Today, my dad attacking the robber.

      2. The dog bit the man for no reason?

      3. My friend ran to my house likr a lion

  12. 1. We made sparkly reindeer food with my parents.

    2. I decorated the Christmas tree with ornaments and popcorn strings.

    3. We opened presents with my wonderful family.

  13. 1. I made a snowman in the snow.

    2. My family decorated a Christmas tree.

    3. I washed a pack of clothes in the washer.

  14. 1.I made dinner for my family.

    2.My brother plays football for the Mustangs.

    3.My sister went to class with a friend.

    1. 3.MY sister went With a friend to class

  15. 1. My class read My Brothers' Keeper.

    2. The dog sank his teeth into the juicy bone.

    3. Snoopy wrote a good story.

  16. 3 Pattern 2 Sentences
    1. My brother came home very late after the football game last night.

    2. The wild goose ran away from the little boy.

    3. Mrs. Burris gave her favorite class pieces of delicous candy.

    1. #2 sentance correction

      2.The wild goose ate crumbs from the little boy.

  17. 1.He eats a green apple.

    1.I play with Jack at school.

    3.He ran a race at noon.

  18. 1. I ate noodles at a fancy restaurant.

    2. I read a book for A.R.

    3. My family decorated our Christmas tree with ornaments and candy canes.

  19. 1. My little sister drew on the kitchen walls and got in trouble.

    2. I read the book My Brothers Keeper in Mrs. Burris's class.

    3. My mom taught me how to knit a scarf, and I epic failed.

  20. 1. My mom baked warm, delicious chocolate chip cookies.

    2. Alex played a harsh game of tackle football.

    3. Davis and Alex read My Brothers Keeper together

  21. 1.My big brother said he was having three friends over tonight.

    2. My big brother played with his friends all night.

    3.I went in there and yelled at my big brother.

  22. 1. yesterday, me and my mom baked a pie.

    2. Tonight, me and my dad are going fishing.

    3. Today, I'm going to put up the tree.

    1. 3. Yesterday, me and my dad are going hunting.

  23. 1.My dad got our Christmas tree!
    2.My mom baked our thanksgiving turkey.
    3.We ordered my new roller skates online.

  24. 1 My mom baked a pie and cake for so long.

    2 He kicked the ball alot.

    3 He put the Christmas tree up and knocked it over.

  25. 1. Yesterday, I ate a really yummy hamburger, at the movies.

    2. Can you buy me the new I-Phone?

    3. Oh No! My dog ate my homework!

  26. 1. We rowed the rusty old canoe.

    2. My dad bought a new car.

    3. I love chocolate cake.

  27. 1. The boy rode his bike up the street.

    2. John ate a sandwich for lunch.

    3. The kid built a fort on the grass.

  28. 1. My mom baked cookies for Santa.

    2. We drove the car to Pennsylvania.

    3. Sam studied subjects for the midterm exam.

  29. 1. I played the ipad for 1 hour.
    2. My mom and I decorated and hung the stockings.
    3. Santa puts presents next to the Christmas Tree

  30. 1. My brother and I made a snowman.

    2. My grandmother made a pie on Christmas Eve.

    3. We decorated our Christmas tree with shiny red ornaments.

  31. 1. We decorated the Christmas tree with shiny red ornaments.
    2. My brother and I made a snowman.
    3. We baked a cherry pie on Christmas Eve.

  32. 1. The Dog fetches for sticks and balls.

    2. My family and I put Christmas decorations up.

    3. The Quarterback threw the football to his open receiver.

    1. The Gorilla hit his chest loudly as he swung on branches.

  33. 1. My sister baked cookies.

    2. I have a blog assignment to do.

    3. I lost my book.

  34. 1. My Mom and I roasted a turkey for Thanksgiving.

    2. I baked a cake for my brother's birthday.

    3. Taylor Swift sang her heart out at the concert.

  35. 1. Mom grilled hamburgers with dad and brother.

    2. Jack and Molly drove the car to the mall.

    3. Emily and Georgia rode their bikes to the beach.

  36. 1. My brother wrote a book about computers.

    2. The dog chased the cat around the field

    3. My mom cooked my lunch.

  37. 1. I lost my phone.

    2.My friend and I baked a cake.

    3.She hit the ball.

  38. 1. The students typed a report about chloroplast.

    2. I studied the study sheet for exams.

    3. We decorated the Christmas tree with ornaments.

  39. 1 He ate a green apple.

    2 He runs a race at noon

    3 Dan ran faster than Joe

  40. 1 My mom cooked the turcky.

    2 He swam through the water fast.

    3 She kicked the ball.

  41. 1. I kicked a ball into the neighbors yard.

    2. He roasted the turkey on Thanksgiving.

    3. They played basket ball at the court.

  42. This is a test.