Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let's make a list!

In a list, tell five of your favorite things about Spring. Please follow this format:
1. You should number each item.
2. Each one should be a complete sentence.
3. That means each one needs to start with a capital letter and end with a period.
4. Your items may be about Spring Break or the season of Spring.
5. Watching the trees and flowers bud is one of the exciting events in Spring.

Your list is due on Thursday.


  1. 1. I like eating sunflower seeds at my brother's ballgames.
    2. I like taking bike rides over to my grandma's house.
    3. I like going outside in the warm weather.
    4. Playing with friends is fun in spring.
    5. Spring break is also in the spring!

  2. 1. I love to look at the trees and flowers in full bloom.

    2. Its fun to explore outside when it is warm.

    3. Everything is bright and colorful almost everywhere you look.

    4. Sometime I are able to eat outside in the sun.

    5. Its fun to be able to run around outside with my friends.

  3. 1. I love the way the weather changes from rainy to sunny and also cloudy.

    2. I like when flowers bloom and the air is spilled with color.

    3. I love spring clothes because you are not bundled up.

    4. It is fun to explor and play out side.

    5. The school year is coming to an end.

  4. 1. Gitting to ware shorts.

    2. Seeing more and more animals on spring brake.

    3. We have one big last chunk of school

    4. More spring food is coming.

    5. It getting alot wormer.

  5. 1.I like getting to wear spring clothes instead of bunches of warm clothes.

    2.I like all of the flowers as they are blooming and, spreading color all around.

    3. I love spring, because the school year is so close to coming to an ending.

    4. I like all of the warm, weather that spring brings with it as it rolls into place.

    5. I also love Spring because we get to have a spring break.

  6. 1. The weather is not too hot and not too cold.

    2. I like riding my bike with my dad.

    3. I love feeling the breeze on my face.

    4. The flowers are beautiful and full of life.

    5. It's almost the end of the school year!

  7. 1. Spring Break so I can got to Pensacola Florida
    2. Watching the Blue Angels.
    3. No School
    4. Baseball!
    5. Golf!

  8. 1. I went to Washington D.C.
    2. Seeing all the flowers bloom.
    3. Going to my Grandmother's house to meet up with my cousin.
    4. Watch the tree's tun green again.
    5. Playing outdoors with my dogs, Jackson, Riley and Sophie.

  9. 1. I can have fun and play outside.
    2. I can have a week out of school.
    3. I can play more video games.
    4. I can invite someone to my house.
    5. I can play Baseball.

  10. 1.I love having a week off.
    2.I like that it isn't cold anymore.
    3.I can now play outside again.
    4.It is the last nine weeks.
    5.I get to play baseball!

  11. 1. The cool weather.

    2. Getting to sleep in.

    3. Getting to go on vacation.

    4. Getting to play Baseball

    5.Getting to be lazy.

  12. 1. I love taking my piggies outside to nibble on grass.
    2. The dogs don't have to stay in all the time.
    3. You can be outside without a coat.
    4. The pretty flowers growing.
    5. Smiles and ice cream.

  13. 1.I can have fun at the beach.
    2.I can finally relax.
    3.Don't have to wake up early.
    4.No school at all.
    5.I can see my big brother.

  14. 1.I like Spring Break.
    2.I like the trees sprouting their leaves.
    3.I like playing various sports.
    4.I like it getting warmer.
    5.It is the final 9 weeks and then it's summer.

  15. 1. I can play outside in weather warmer than winter.
    2. I can play baseball.
    3. I have a one week spring break.
    4. I can play more with my dog.
    5. School is almost out!

  16. 1. I love to go outside and take my dog for a walk.
    2. I love swimming in the hot sun of the mild winter and spring.
    3. I love looking at the stars on nights were I couldn't sleep.
    4. I love ridding go karts in the sun, the bits of tire trash in your hair grease on your hands I love it.
    5. I love playing games in the arcade and the adventure park at the water park resort at the Wilderness at the Smokes hotel.

  17. 1. Spring days are beautiful because the temperature is perfect, vivid plants bloom, and it is so fun to play outside.
    2. Spring Break is there to give you a break from school, so you could go anywhere.
    3. You can play with friends, or really just do anything in Spring Break.
    4. Almost every plant turns green in the spring.
    5. Getting back to School from Spring Break and see all of your friends.

  18. 1. My birthday is in Spring.

    2. The climate get's higher.

    3. Flowers bloom and grow.

    4. The fresh feeling of a new season.

    5. Animals are coming out of hibernation.

  19. I like spring because...

    1. It is not to hot or cold.
    2. The blooms on trees are beautiful
    3. It has the most simple refreshing breeze.
    4. I wake up every morning feeling happy.
    5. It gives me a chance to get a tan!

  20. 1.I like the cool breeze.
    2.I like to see the flowers bloom.
    3.I like to play baseball.
    4.I like to go to the beach.
    5.I don't go to school.

  21. 1. Spring Break is time to spend with family.
    2. School is much better with friends after Spring Break.
    3. Travel time is easier with knowing no home-fun is in Spring Break.
    4. Trees bloom in the spring.
    5. Spring Break is a time to play and take a load off yourself.

  22. 1. Spring is when all the flowers bloom so you get to smell the flowers.
    2. Spring Break, you get off a week.
    3. I get to play a lot more softball.
    4. It is one of the seasons that feels nice outside.
    5. I get to play outside with my dogs.

  23. 5 Things that I like about spring. thing that I like about spring is flowers they smell like strawberries.
    2.The second thing that I like about spring are the spring colors they are very bright and beautiful.
    3. The third thing that I like about spring is Easter all the colorful eggs that you get when you have a Easter egg hunt.
    4.The forth thing that I like about spring is spring break the best break while still in school.
    5.I get to go see my cousins or they come over my house.
    That is best thing about spring.

  24. 1. Spring break is where you spend your time with family.
    2. I get to go on a little vacation.
    3. I get to pratice more baseball.
    4. I get to stay up as long as I want.
    5. I get a break from school.

  25. 1. Spring break is where you are supposed to relax.
    2. I get to spend time with my family.
    3. I get a fun break from school.
    4. I get to be free from homework!
    5. I have a lot of sleep overs

  26. 1.I have a lot of sleepovers.
    2.I get to go to summer camp with my friend.
    3.I get to go on vacation.
    4.I get to swim more.
    5.I don't have any homework.

  27. Alexandriapeterson14March 28, 2012 at 4:30 PM

    1. I will get to ride my bike and not comeback froze.
    2.I will help plant my mom's garden.
    3.I will be able to visit the park and walk.
    4. The flowers look like a rainbow sprinkled dust on them and made them the colors of the rainbow.
    5.I will be able to walks my aunts dogs.

  28. 1. All the flowers wil be blooming.
    2. I will get to have lots and lots of sleepovers.
    3. I will get to play with my neighbor's dog.
    4. I will get to play basketball outside.
    5. There is a nice breeze.

  29. 1. The mere smell of freshly mowed grass.
    2. The other aroma of what it smells like after a sort spring shower.
    3. Having spring break brings me pleasure and I treasure the time that I get with family.
    4. Having time with my friends and just hanging out is something that I enjoy.
    5. Being barefoot and letting your feet feel the grass will make me relaxed.

  30. These are things I like about Spring Break:
    1. I like to sleep in late.
    2. I love to go outside and look at the colorful flowers and new born animals.
    3. I like to go snowboarding with my Dad.
    4. I love that there is no homework for Spring Break!
    5. I like to be able to read for a while when I have some quiet time to myself!

  31. 1. I like staying up late at night.

    2. I like the fact that I get to play video games while I stay up late.

    3. It's amazing to see the awesome flowers.

    4. It's like a weekend every day.

    5. No school!

  32. 1. warm days
    5.BEST DAYS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. What I like about Spring is.....
    1.The flowers
    2.Playing with my friends
    3.The cool air
    4.Going on trips
    5.the trees

  34. 1. The beautiful flowers blooming.
    2. Taking a great trip sometimes.
    3. Getting to swim at a pool.
    4. Practicing fun sports.
    5. Sometimes going to see a great movie!

  35. 1. The time you get to sleep in.
    2. the smell of the flowers.
    3. Time to play outside
    4. time to move
    5. time to spend with famliy

  36. What I kike about Spring Break is that ....
    1. Its good that we get a week off.
    2. You get to go on any trip if you want.
    3. Having sleep overs.
    4. Baseball season is on Spring Break.
    5. Ice cream and all those good treats.